As indispensable as industrial gears are to machineries, bevel gears provide an altogether different but specific utility. Bevel gears are excellent in changing the direction of force and hence motion. This particular trait of bevel gears is the reason behind its extensive usage in the modern machineries that need to change direction of force. Bevel Gears are used in a range of machineries from watches, drills, clocks to helicopters, SUV’s and other automobiles.

Let us look at some notable Applications of Bevel Gears:

  • Bevel gears are an integral part of differential drives which need to transfer different force and speed to different axles.
  • Bevel gears enable drills to drill through most of the materials as they provide increased speed of operation and a horizontal action while drilling.
  • Bevel gears are significant parts of rotor craft drive systems.
  • Bevel gears are extensively used in industries like railways, automobiles, production plants, defense and many more.

The wide variety of application of bevel gears is a result of numerous advantages of employing bevel gears in machineries. Bevel gears are extremely flexible and can be adjusted at an angle unlike the other types of gears. What’s more, the force can be adjusted by changing the number of number of teeth in the gear.

Also, bevel gears can be carved out of different types of materials like metal, rubber, plastic and nylon. Hence they provide us the freedom of choice when it comes to the parent material of the gears.


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But the most important advantage of bevel gears lies in the fact that they do not only change the direction of force or speed, but they can also vary the amount of force needed to accomplish a particular operation. This remarkable advantage eases our day to day operation with the help of different machines with bevel gears installed in their skeleton.

For all the above mentioned advantages, bevel gears are an important fixture in almost all machinery that we benefit from these days.

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