Gears are the heart and soul of the machinery system, which in turn is the heart and soul of most industries. Gears are the base of any machinery tool that needs to perform some kind of action. All around the world these industrial gears are utilized in various industries like food production, defense, automobiles, power generation, railway and many others.
Observing the extensive utilization of gears, it is safe to conclude that gear industry has grown into a massive production sector today. The number of industries served by the industrial gears is countless and it is not possible to list all of them here, so let us stick to some of the well-known industries.
Follows applications of industrial gears across various industries:
Automobile Industry:
Can you imagine a vehicle without a set of gears that propel it forward? Even if you can, it won’t work for sure.
Automobile industry is one of the biggest industries in the world as whole world uses different vehicles for transportation purposes. Gears are used to provide motion to different parts of the automobiles and there are these gear boxes that do the trick.
Defense Industry:
Defense industry is flourishing more than ever all over the world with great technological advancements. Still gears are the center of all these advancements and form an integral part of defense industry. Gears are used to ensure proper operation of various types of weapons.
Power Generation:
Power is the driving force of the modern world. What drives power? Gears do.
All the turbines and power generators use gears to smoothen the working and generate power efficiently. Bevel and other types of gears are excessively used in this industry.
Marine Industry:
The usage of gears in marine industry is quite similar to that of automobile industry. The only difference is that marine industry manufactures yachts and boats that work in water. Proper usage of gears results in better operation and better speed of transportation.
Construction Industry:
Constructions industry needs cranes and JCBs, all of which work only with gears. Industrial gears are the reason behind the huge lifting capacities of these machines.
These applications pretty much cover the major Usage of Industrial Gears.