Gears, perhaps the most revolutionizing invention as far as automobile industry is concerned, act as the backbone of any machine that needs motion to perform tasks. These are gears only which transmit the mechanical power in machines and make them work as they do.

There are many types of gears, but the most common gears used all over the world are as follows:

Spur Gears

Helical Gears

Worm Gears

Bevel Gears

Different Types of Gears in Industry

                                                                                Different Types of Gears in Industry

Manufacturing of gears takes some doing, but the process is quite interesting. There are a number of methods that gears undergo before finally making it to into machines. Here we take a look at all such methods:

Gear Milling: This is a method of manufacturing gears which is not in much use these days. Gear milling employs metal removal process for manufacturing purposes. Although, almost all types of gears can be manufactured with this method, but it is not preferred anymore since it is outdated. Gear milling involves usage of a form cutter which is pressed across gear blank to form the tooth gap.

Gear Hobbing: Gear Hobbing is a method in which there is non stop action of equally spaced cutting edges of hob. These cutting edges define the gear which is to be manufactured. This method manufactures a variety of gears like Spur, Helical, Worm, serrations and more. This method is further advantageous as it has a very high productivity.

Gear Shaping: In this method, the machine used to manufacture is also like a gear with cutting edges. The machine is rotated against the gear to be manufactured at necessary relative speed. The relative speed and the space in cutting edges determine the type of gear manufactured. This method is used to manufacture a number of gears like gear hobbing method. Gears like cluster, internal and racks can also be manufactured with Gear shaping method.

Bevel Gear Cutting: This gear cutting method is unique and limited to bevel gears only. The method employs a special machine which is capable of manufacturing all kinds of bevel gears. This machine can vary in components to manufacture different types of bevel gears .

Most of the gears manufactured are a result of these manufacturing methods. These gears are the fulcrum of modern world transportation and whole engineering system. It will not be an overstatement to conclude that gears are the building blocks of all the machines in the world.