Only a professional who has the idea about industrial gears would know that gears also have different uses in a wide variety of industrial and mechanical equipment in addition to cars and bikes. The main use of gears is to control the power while a particular type of machine is being operated. The role of a gear in different types of industrial machines is to optimize the productivity by reducing the speed and not the revolutions.

Gears Manufactured in India are cylinder or wheel-shaped with tooth-shaped points. A few of the gears manufactured and used in India are: Spur, Helical, Worm, Bevel, and Girth. Let us have a look at each of the gears, their applications, and the way they function.

Spur gears are the most common type of industrial gears that are being used. The teeth of such type of gears fall parallel to a machine’s rotational axis. Spur gears are apt for use in machines which have low speed applications and proper sound organization.

Then we have the helical type of Industrial Gears. These gears are famous for their teeth-shaped edges which create a thrust load. Helical gears, unlike the spur gears, are not parallel to a machine’s rotational axis. Rubber, Medical, Steel, Packing, and several other plants function on helical gears.


Worm gears are also widely used in India. These gears are used in steel, sugar, paper, and textile plants. These gears are generally of two types: Single-Threaded and Multi-Threaded. Also known as wheel industrial gears, worm gears function on two shafts that work together.

Bevel type of gears are used mainly for shafts. Such type of gears are fitted at a right angle to a machine’s rotational axis. The main Application of Bevel Gears is in hand drill, printing, and a number of other machines.

The most unique type of gears manufactured and used in India are the Girth type of gears. These gears are also known as split ring gears, are available at low costs, and are very easy-to-install.

All the above-mentioned types of gears are made using cutting-edge technologies and are known to last long. The main role of all these gears is to bring efficiency to a machine. So it is of utmost importance that one knows the application of a gear before they use it in their machines.